Prophecy for 2020
Carmen Aiken-Isaac – January 1, 2020

PRAYER & PROPHECY: On December 30, 2019, during an early morning prayer call, God the Holy Spirit manifested His presence and power in a sovereign way. Among other things, tongues and interpretation came forth and said that 2020 will be better. (Ask Him what that means for each of you.) Two deaths occurred at a church in White Settlement, TX, on December 29, 2019, and we are still grieving the passing of the nine who died in the helicopter crash killing Kobe Bryant, his daughter, Gianna, and the other names who are not famous but equally important.

God says He is raising up prayer, and we are to raise the dead in church, in Walmart, and in the grocery store. A word that is almost a buzz word in Pentecostal/Charismatic circles is the word “revival,” but let us not get jaded with that word. God the Holy Ghost is sweeping the land, and there will be a move of the Spirit throughout the whole earth. There will be worldwide, global revival. Revival, revival, revival ….

The key to not remaining dry, weary, or jaded is to be refreshed in God the Holy Ghost. We must constantly be refreshed, for weariness and discouragement try to latch onto us to deter us and to remove our vision and our hope. Look UP concerning our government and the things that have been prophesied concerning America and Israel, the power twins. America’s stand with Israel pleases God, and may we keep praying for President Trump. God is not through with him.

On the prayer call, God reminded us that He always wins, and He said, “Don’t worry! I win!” God wins. God wins. God wins! God always has the ultimate victory. There was personal prophecy and a powerful reminder that God is ON IT. After all, He is God, and He is sovereign. He uses us to do His bidding and to align our prayers with heaven. Bring remedy to people. Bring hope. Bring compassion. Bring joy. Bring encouragement that He’s supernatural, and do not try to over explain the things of God or His ways. He will reveal Who He is by His Spirit, the Spirit of the Living God.

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